We live in a networked and complex world! The invention of the World Wide Web has generated new opportunities for individuals and companies as well.  On the other hand we are facing an emergent challenge: mastering the data complexity.

With overwhelming amounts of data available across the World Wide Web, companies in almost every industry are focused on exploiting data for competitive advantage. The volume and diversity of data originated from various sources have far outreached the capacity of manual analysis. At the same time, computers have become much more powerful, networking has become ubiquitous, and algorithms have been developed that can connect datasets to enable broader and deeper analyses than previously possible. The convergence of these phenomena has given rise to the increasingly widespread business application of data science principles and data-mining techniques.

Probably the widest applications of data science including data-mining and predictive analytics  are in marketing for tasks such as targeted marketing, online advertising, and recommendations for cross- and up-selling.

Data-Mining, Machine-Learning and related methods are used for general customer relationship management to analyze customer behavior in order to manage attrition and maximize expected customer value.

b-tec turns your data into revenue by effectively designing data-driven business processes.


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